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Directive has been serving the Oneonta area since 1993, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

Web Design Trends for 2017 and Beyond


It stands to reason that, in order for a user to visit, review, and retain information from your website, your site will have to look good. Of course, as with anything that has to do with what looks “good,” web design decisions should be dictated by what’s currently in fashion. In order to keep up with the trends of 2017, we’ve compiled a list of design elements that will be crucial for your website.


With content continuing to be prioritized on many websites, it has become apparent that there has to be some kind of draw, or alert, that indicates what the overall message of the webpage is. This is often paired with a minimalistic design to take advantage of the contrast between the message and the medium. That’s what utilizing formatting hierarchies can provide your content.

Applying different, predetermined formats will assist your audience as they consume your content, allowing it to be digested more easily with your hierarchy serving as a reader’s road map. It also benefits your search engine optimization, as the search engines will seek out well-organized pages.

This tactic will not only more clearly communicate your message, but it will do so in such a way that your audience will have little choice but to pay attention. If leveraged alongside each other, these results can only be boosted by the next trend that can be expected to rise in the coming months.

Cinemagraphs and Other Animated Visuals
An estimated 65% of your audience is more likely to remember content that they’ve taken in visually--meaning images, not text-based content--so it only makes sense that you should leverage visual content alongside your articles and blogs. Additionally, adding a bit of movement is a reliable way to help retain your audience’s attention, and incorporating a cinemagraph has been shown to increase conversion rates by 26%, when compared to just using a still image.

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Responsive and Immersive Layouts
Your website serves as the epicenter for your marketing, and therefore it needs to be both accessible and approachable--and we do mean needs. Your visitors have to be able to take in your message through whatever device they happen to be viewing your site on, as mobile devices are becoming more and more popular.

It is important to keep in mind that Google now views the mobile version of your site as the primary page to index, as opposed to the desktop version. Moving forward, it is Google’s goal to make its search results pages as mobile friendly as possible. Make sure you stay ahead of the curve with a responsive site.

Plus, your website should encourage users to delve in deeper, exploring more and staying on your site longer. To accomplish this, you will have to be sure that your site is not only properly configured, but also that its design entices your visitor to read more, view other pages, and interact with it longer.

Make It Look Good
Pre-built websites have only risen in popularity, as they allow a personalized and effective website to be constructed quickly while still subscribing to good design and SEO practices. According to Adobe, 59% of consumers would rather engage with beautifully designed content than a website that follows the KISS rule. Using visual content in tandem with copy will encourage your audience to pay closer attention, and stay on your site longer.

AT Directive, we make sure that we not only stay abreast of web design trends like these, but also on the conventions of the MSP’s industry. For help in creating a website built on a solid design foundation, give us a call at 607.433.2200.



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Wednesday, June 29 2022

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