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Directive has been serving the Oneonta area since 1993, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

6 Ways We Carve Out Solutions

b2ap3_thumbnail_solutions400.jpgAn IT service company specializing in solutions does several things well. A business that's solution-oriented won't easily take "no" for an answer. Finding solutions means moving mountains for clients and providing service that goes above and beyond. One may think that we only fix computers, but our solutions-approach to service means that we do so much more!

With all the different services we provide for your business, it's kind of like we are your Swiss Army Knife of business solutions. A Swiss Army Knife user understands that their pocket knife is more than just a knife; it's a single tool that can be folded out to do the job of several other tools. Due to its versatility, a tool like a Swiss Army Knife often becomes a user's most valuable tool.

You can think of Directive as a Solutions Army Pocket Knife. The main service we do is repair technology. This solution is like the big blade in the pocket knife that is used the most. Here are six other valuable business solutions that you can use us for!

  • Engineering. We can install your new technology, plan the best routes for cables, and design your entire network infrastructure. This service will save you money from having to hire an engineering specialist.
  • Business Review. We offer regular business reviews where we will go over your technology budget with you to find the best and most affordable solutions that will cover your needs.
  • Providing IT Roadmaps. We offer professional consultation when providing businesses with technology. We work closely with your team to discover your company's needs and provide IT solutions that will best accommodate your company's current and future growth.
  • Contractor. We also refer to this service as vendor management. With this service, we coordinate vendors to repair a client's technology, which is essentially like a technology contractor.
  • Revenue Generator. We are always looking for new tools that promise to increase our client's revenue. If you have a hunch that there is a better tool out there to generate profits in your field, then talk to us about your need. We stay current with technology trends to provide our clients the best money-making solutions on the market.
  • Quality Control. We don't recommend a technology without testing it first. Consider this our guarantee that the solutions we offer will not fail when you need them the most.

The value of a pocket knife is that it's an all-in-one tool. If you would have to carry around in your pocket one tool for every solution a pocket knife provides, then you would need a very large pocket. The same principle applies to Directive. We are your all-in-one business technology solution; which will save your pockets from losing cash by having to separately hire out an engineer, a contractor, a consultant, and more.

To help you remember our valuable service, take out your pocket knife and carve into your desk 607.433.2200, and then give us a call. This is actually a great idea because you will want to call us first whenever you experience any technology problem.