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A Healthy Intranet = Strong Marketing

b2ap3_thumbnail_intra400.jpgMarketing is not done in a bubble. Instead, it requires input from outside resources. When it comes to effective marketing, communication is key. Having a computer network that acts as a communications hub for every department is one the best ways to help your marketing team.

In order to be successful, your marketing team must have the ability to quickly get feedback on a project from your entire staff. Your marketing team will need the ability to easily share files with each other and the entire company. Here are just a few of the major audiences your marketing team will need to effectively communicate while using your company's network.

The Need for Direction from the Higher Ups
In business, everything starts at the top and rolls (or sometimes flows) downhill. Your marketing team needs direction. They need to know how their project fits into the company's overall vision and implementation strategy so they can accurately communicate this to your market, and target the right prospects.

You need to be able to share with your marketing team any file that you think helps explain your vision, and they need to be able to easily find, view, and have some kind of forum in place where comments and ideas can be exchanged. All of this is done over the company intranet. The less reliable your company's intranet is will translate to more delayed or misinterpreted communications, which can lead to your marketing campaign going in a different direction than what you would have liked.

The Necessity of Hearing from the Bottom
Even the best marketing team will fail if they're trying to sell something to a customer base that's simply not interested. The more avenues of communication your marketing team has in place to get feedback from your customers will mean the better the message can be tailored to the people you need to reach.

You will want to have some kind of technology in place where your customers can communicate their needs to your marketing team, and you will want to have a communication system in place on your network where all the other departments can also view and benefit from this data. You as the leader will especially want access to this data to inform the vision and direction of your company.

The Value of Peer-to-Peer Communication
Your marketing team will benefit from gaining insight from all the other departments in your business. Peers work closely with the same products the marketing team is trying to sell, and they interact with the same customers the marketing team is trying to reach. Adding this kind of insight to a marketing campaign will help make it more robust, and help your team develop marketing strategies that are more holistic. Your company's network is the best place for this type of peer-to-peer communication to take place, and because this communication is valuable, you will want your intranet to be organized.

There are several different communication solutions available on the market, and while it's great to take advantage of as many technologies as you can, it works out best if all of these different solutions are connected to your company's network in an organized fashion. This way, no valuable information will be lost. A marketing team tooled with a reliable network that they are trained to use, will produce dynamic and informed marketing campaigns that will achieve your goals.

If you would like help organizing your IT infrastructure to provide your business with this level of communication between all of your departments, your customers, and yourself, then call Directive at 607.433.2200. We can keep your network running smoothly with our managed IT services, and even introduce you to the latest business solutions to enhance communication between all of your departments. Call Directive today and make your technology work for you!