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14 Tips to Work Your Social Media Rig

Directive has had the pleasure of working with David Mann for over 10 years. David owns Alta Log Homes in Upstate NY. Alta is a leading manufacturer of Log Homes. David is an expert in building Green, Energy Star dream homes and a great guy. His website is http://www.altaloghomes.com. We set him up with the Ultimate Social Media Rig a few months ago along with some coaching services to get him started. He's been pretty religious about posting and using it. He sent me an email asking what recommendations I'd have to get more out of it now that he's "warmed up" and has a little more experience with Social Media.


  • These 14 tips were plucked from my response:

    1.  Implement a better routine for posts (schedule them in Hootsuite) and layer on random posts when you feel like it.

    2.  Use your personal profile publicly, use your own picture. Get personal, share with your friends more.

    3.  I would go full out and try to make a every fan a friend and every friend a fan. We live, eat and breathe what we do for a living, they almost can’t be your friend if they are not a fan of your business. :)

    4.  Suggest your page to all your friends, ASK them to suggest your page to their friends. Suggest it multiple times over a long period of time for those that don’t become a fan (don't be annoying with it). Sometimes people won’t realize it’s your business, or they will clear everything out because they had so many invites etc. Give them 2 or 3 opportunities at least to become a fan.

    5.  Run some contests/giveaways (i.e. like a gift certificate or dinner for two worth $50 at least. We see a big difference between a $25 prize vs $50).

    6.  Now that you've got some fans and posts going make your Twitter and Facebook addresses really obvious in all advertising. This is where /usernames come in handy. My favorite is to use cnames like "twitter.yourdomain.com".

    7.  Make it clear in your existing advertising (when it won’t be tacky) there’s a reason to tune in socially. Like special information, news, tips and or discounts you can only get on your companies social networks.

    8.  Find a peer group(s). The IT Industry has awesome peer groups so I'm a fan of this. Most industries have these types of organizations. Find one that fits you, invest in it. It’s important, it keeps you on your game and you will learn so much. Take what you’re really good at in your business and share it with all your peers, develop friends and contacts this way and get involved with them in social media. We’ve made so many friends this way, not for the sake of having friends but I mean people I really enjoy talking to and sharing with. We improve and or motivate each other’s businesses every day.

    9.  Put links to your site, blog and social media in your email signatures, for everyone in the company.

    10.  Get a blog up and running, develop some content. You're an expert, share your expertise. Post regularly. Don't do it if you will never post.

    11.  Share the resources, blogs, and articles in your industry you’re probably reading all the time anyway. You’d be surprised that those sites will sometimes reciprocate with posts or mentions etc. If you value these resources, this is also great way to help them out too.

    12.  Be authentic. I have to add this because some of these tips on the personal side only work if you actually take a real interest in people’s lives. I only click like, if I really like it etc. You never want to do just because it’s good for business. Be yourself.

    13.  Develop a social media policy for your company. It's just common sense.

    14.  Delegate some responsibilities to your staff. You might be surprised how talented they are at writing for or using social media. Perfect professional "copy" is not required, social media is personal.


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