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Directive has been serving the Oneonta area since 1993, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

How to Catch PC Issues and Prevent Problems

b2ap3_thumbnail_notnowwhen.jpgWe are not guaranteed a life without problems. Problems will happen and your plans will be ruined (okay, it's not ALWAYS that bad!). While you can't totally eliminate problems from life, you can greatly reduce them by being proactive. This proactive problem solving approach also works great with technology!

How to Catch PC Issues and Prevent Problems

By taking a proactive approach to problem solving, small issues are taken care of before they can turn into problems. Anybody who understands the complexity of problems, and has experienced their fair share of them, knows firsthand the value of proactively catching problems; this is commonly known as "spotting red flags."

Red flags should not be ignored (that is why they are red). If red flag issues are not quickly taken care of, then they will certainly turn into serious problems. In fact, if a red flag is left alone, then the issue will only get worse and you will find yourself eaten by a big problem monster that consist entirely of red flags. Understanding the need to take the proactive approach to your problems applies to anytime that you are experiencing stress from a problem and you kick yourself by saying, "I should've seen that coming."

Technology problems work the same way as any other problem, there are red flags and warning signs that could have proactively been resolved to avoid the mess of the problem. Being proactive with technology maintenance is the Directive way. We have found this to work out much better than waiting for something to break. This is because the proactive approach keeps your technology running smoothly, which means there are significantly less problems, and you are not hit with a major repair bill when you least suspect it.

We are able to be proactive towards the issues thanks to our remote monitoring and maintenance tools. These RMM tools give us the capability to remotely find and fix issues on your entire computer network. By catching issues early, we will be able to prevent the major problems that cause expensive downtime from computer crashes.

Proactively taking care of technology issues and problems is not a revolutionary idea, it can be attributed to properly maintaining equipment. With proper maintenance, not only will you see fewer problems, but you will also have your computers running at maximum efficiency. This will eliminate expensive downtime and allow for everyone to get more work done. To learn more about the benefits of being proactive with technology, call Directive at 607.433.2200.



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Saturday, May 21 2022

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