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Invest in Your Business By Investing in Your Staff

Invest in Your Business By Investing in Your Staff

It only makes sense that you would want your staff to know what they are doing as they tackle their daily work responsibilities - otherwise, there isn’t really the chance for very much work to be done. This is why training your staff is so important - it’s practically a prerequisite for productivity.

It wasn’t too long ago that we discussed the benefits of having an educated workforce, and how we are enacting a special program to help out our employees who have gone to college. Of course, we can’t undervalue the impact that on-the-job training can have as well.

Even so, this alone isn’t enough. You can’t just train your staff - you have to imbue their training with the enthusiasm you want them to apply to their work itself.

Is Employee Training Worth It?

You tell me - there are quite a few statistics that paint a telling picture. For instance:

  • Training has been shown to boost profit margins by up to 47 percent.
  • Turnover can be reduced by 300 percent through training.
  • Profit margins can be boosted by 25 percent.
  • Companies have seen an average 6.5 percent increase in sales.
  • Productivity can be increased by 5.2 percent after training.

Clearly, training can have some very worthwhile aftereffects on your business… but that doesn’t mean that enough businesses are properly investing in it. For instance, 26 percent of employees undergo more than 10 hours per quarter on training, while 34 percent spend less than 5.

So it is just as clear that, as worthwhile as training can be, it isn’t being leveraged nearly often enough. Why is this?

Let Me Ask You: Whose Responsibility is It?

This has been shown to be a large point of contention… who is actually responsible for an employee’s professional development? Many employers would argue that it is the employee’s responsibility to seek out growth opportunities - and many employees (especially those in the millennial generation) would agree as they seek out new opportunities with other companies.

In this way, it is in your best interest to provide your employees with as many resources to learn as possible.

We can help with that.

We’ve committed plenty of time to creating content specifically intended to teach a skill that is useful in the modern workplace. Share some of these links with your staff to help teach them a few useful skills that will ultimately help them accomplish more in their professional lives, thereby benefiting your business.

What else do you want your staff to learn about to assist them in their daily duties? Let us know in the comments - we’d be happy to cover it for you!