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VoIP, More Features and New Possibilities

a1sx2_Original1_voipkey.jpgIf you are reading this, then you obviously have an internet connection. Most internet users browse websites, check emails, and perhaps play a game or two, but if these activities are the extent of your internet usage, then you are missing out on a powerful, cost-effective tool called VoIP that uses the internet to entirely replace your old phone system.

Considering the array of tasks that are handled over the internet (streaming videos and music, social media, etc.), tossing your phone system in the mix seems natural. VoIP (Voice over IP) makes your telephone work just like any other internet application by translating voices into data packets, and then converting it back to audio. This is all done over your local network for inhouse calls, and over the internet for long distance calls. This service opens up a whole new world of possibilities and phone features, previously only available on phone company's premium plans.

The Many Features of VoIP

The most attractive feature is savings. If a business makes regular long distance calls, the savings can be anywhere between 50-70%. Most VoIP plans charge not by the amount of calls that are made, but by the size of plan agreed upon, which is determined by the number of lines and compatible devices.

Voice Over IP also makes it possible to ditch your old analog lines and phone company altogether. Just having the peace of mind that comes from no longer being solicited for upgrades should be reason enough to switch.

VoIP also comes standard with service features galore, such as call forwarding, call waiting, call holding, call conferencing, call recording, and call transfers. VoIP even makes it easy to record conversations, track call times, run reports, and check voicemail. It can send that sends your voicemail straight to your email. There are many more features that come with VoIP, be sure and check with your provider for a complete list that will enable you to get the most out of your phone.

Communication Possibilities by VoIP

Voice Over IP can transfer your office phone service anywhere you go, opening up whole new world of possibilities beyond your desk. With VoIP, your phone number can work with any internet connection, anywhere. This means you can connect your SIP- or IAX-compatible phone into a router, USB port, or even use a Wi-Fi signal to make and receive calls just like you were at the office.

A single office number is used by multiple employees at multiple locations, this means all the calls are streamlined and free over a single company network. Sharing a company network also makes a service like teleconferencing incredibly easy and cost-effective, as well as provide outstanding solutions for expanding businesses. If your office has multiple locations, then VoIP is the easiest solution to streamline communications between however many different operations you run. VoIP also makes it easy to expand new workstations in your office. By eliminating the expense of running new phone lines, adding new desk-space just became cheaper.

Are you interested in making the VoIP switch? More and more Upstate New York businesses are cutting the analog lines and going digital. We at Directive can show you how easy it really is. Give us call today at 607.433.2200 and we will discuss with you a VoIP plan specially tailored for your business needs.